Speculation vs. Bargain Purchase

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The Chicagoland real estate market has experienced a great deal of change in the last few years. With the explosion in foreclosures the real estate investor has had to change his/her strategy. There was a time where you could buy properties and flip them very easily as market would rise every year. This was speculation and lead in many ways to the collapse of the housing market among other factors. Although we have seen the housing market bottom out and turn we do not recommend speculation again. The correct strategy is bargain purchase. The different between bargain purchase and speculation is that the bargain purchase has occurred 20% below current market price or better. Prices are stable but as we all know real estate has fixed expenses that cannot be deferred. Acquiring properties without adequate margin of safety is speculation. Although this may work it is not recommended and we have seen how badly it can fail.

We would like to help you identify bargain properties. We have tremendous experience analyzing, valuing, helping our clients profit from buying bargain properties. Please contact Managing Broker Dipen Mehta at 312-933-4448 or dmehta@rushabhinvestments.com

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